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Steel Market Insights

Our goals must align with your objectives.  We're on the same team as our customers.  In addition to securing quality steel and competitive prices, we must proactively keep our customers informed with what's happening in the steel markets.  It's our job to do the research, organize the data and present it clearly so you can make the best decision for your company.   

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Our Promise

As a customer of Calhoun Steel Company, you can rely on our promise to help your business compete the same way we do - with quality steel products, timely service and a dedication to doing things right. We source only American-made steel.  We will handle all transportation, processing, packaging and paperwork for you. From the floor of the mill to your door, we take care of everything in between.


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Amercan-Made Steel

Calhoun Steel Temper Passed Cut to Length Sheet
Calhoun Steel Cut to length sheet stacking
Calhoun Steel Slit Coil Narrow Close Up
Calhoun Steel Master Coil Sidewall
Calhoun Steel Slit Coil Narrow
Calhoun Steel Slit Coil
Calhoun Steel Master Coils

Calhoun Steel's Products and Services

We offer a range of custom processing options throughout the US.  Our flat-rolled material is always melted & manufactured in the USA.

Download a Steel Gauge Chart

Ever needed a clean steel gauge chart?  We've got you covered.  You can choose to download a PDF copy or we can mail you a 4" x 6" laminated card.
Carefully Managed Workflow

We're on it!

Our dedicated team will be personally responsive regarding order updates or requests for paperwork such as BOLs or material certifications.


Goodwill from Great Customers

Owner, One of Indiana’s Largest Laser Job Shops

"We look at Calhoun Steel as an extension of our purchasing team. They know our needs & expectations, & they are proactive in their efforts to procure steel that meets the best combination of quality, price, & service. It saves us a lot of time knowing Tom has done the legwork for us!"

President, Expanded Metal Manufacturer

"Calhoun Steel will make an impact in the steel market sooner rather than later! Tom’s attention to detail & his understanding of the market are both very good & growing. Tom & his staff have learned that reliability is critical in the market & the only way to grow is prove that they can get the job done. Not without hiccups, but they are rapidly demonstrating that you can rely on Calhoun Steel."

Steel Buyer, Wisconsin Manufacturer

"Calhoun Steel is the type of company that forms relationships with their customers. They are always accessible to us & ready to utilize their vast knowledge to deliver us the appropriate materials needed in a forever changing climate.

It is a pleasure conducting business with the staff at Calhoun Steel."

Steel Buyer, One of Indiana’s Largest Steel Fabricators

Calhoun Steel is truly a pleasure to work with… I have not had a more responsive supplier, always going above & beyond to build a true partnership.

Materials Manager, German Manufacturer

Calhoun Steel really helped us entering the North American market in regards to our procurement needs. Often the situation was hectic & the time frame was extremely short, but Calhoun Steel was able to find the right product at any time – sometimes even way before the initially promised schedule.

Buyer, Supplier to RV Industry


"My experience has shown Tom to be both knowledgeable & helpful, & Calhoun Steel has become a valuable vendor."