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Calhoun Steel will make an impact in the steel market sooner rather than later! Tom's attention to detail and his understanding of the market are both very good and growing. While Calhoun Steel is a relatively new company, they are performing as though they've been around for a very long time. Tom & his staff [...]

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My experience has shown Tom to be both knowledgeable and helpful and Calhoun Steel has become a valuable vendor. -Buyer, Supplier to RV Industry

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Calhoun Steel really helped us entering the North American market in regards to our procurement needs. Often the situation was hectic and the time frame was extremely short, but Calhoun Steel was able to find the right product at any time - sometimes even way before the initially promised schedule. -Materials Manager, German Manufacturer

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Calhoun Steel is the type of company that forms relationships with their customers. They are always accessible to us and ready to utilize their vast knowledge to delivery us the appropriate materials needed in a forever changing climate. It is a pleasure conducting business with the staff at Calhoun Steel. -Steel Buyer, Wisconsin Manufacturer

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We look at Calhoun Steel as an extension of our purchasing team.  They know our needs and expectations and they are proactive in their efforts to procure steel that meets  the best combination of quality, price and service. It saves us a lot of time knowing Tom has done the legwork for us! - Owner, One [...]

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Calhoun Steel is truly a pleasure to work with....I have not had a more responsive supplier, always going above and beyond to build a true partnership. - Steel Buyer, One of Northern Indiana's Largest Steel Fabricators

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