What We Offer




Hot Rolled Steel

Ductility (the ability to deform under tensile stress) by heating the steel above its point of recrystallization & passing it through rollers; this increases tonnage, makes it thinner & softer.

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel

After hot rolling, the steel is bathed in acid to strip surface oxides (pickled), then oiled to resist rust.

Flat rolled steel products for which the final required thickness has been obtained by rolling base hot rolled pickled substrate at room temperature. The initial product through the work rolls is Cold Rolled Full Hard & from there the coils need to be Annealed to become fully processed Cold Rolled Steel. Rolling without heating can increase steel strength up to 20% & maximize the tonnage.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

Steel sheets with a zinc coating that is applied by passing the steel through a bath of molten zinc. The zinc enhances the steel’s corrosion resistance. The product is available with various thicknesses of zinc coating. In general, the corrosion resistance of the coating is directly proportional to the coating thickness.

Galvannealed Steel

Galvanized sheet steel which is altered immediately before the zinc solidifies by either heat treatments or other processes. The coating consists entirely of iron zinc alloy & is rougher than that of a regular coating. Sheets produced have a dull gray color & after proper preparation, are well suited for painting. Sometimes referred to by the trade name ‘Jet-Kote.’

Aluminized Steel

Steel hot-dipped with an aluminum silicon alloy takes on some of the better properties of both metals & resists corrosion.


Steel Leveling / Cut to Length

Flattening of a steel coil through series of rollers in order to reduce distortions in thickness, shape, &/or surface quality. After leveling, steel can also be cut to length that you’ve specified.

Steel Slitting

Cutting of a sheet or coil into narrower widths. The longitudinal splitting of the overall width of a flat product through rotary knives to reduce the original width or to cut two or more separate strips.

Steel Blanking

Cutting processed steel sheet into pieces of restricted width, length & diagonal tolerances, based on your specifications.

Master Coils

If you want to process it yourself, we can get you steel master cylinders produced right out of the mill & dropped right at your destination.

Steel Temper Passing

A slight cold reduction corrects susceptibility of bands & annealed Cold Rolled to wave, center buckle, crossbreaks & minor surface defects. Temper rolling can vary from 0.05 to 3.0%.

Metallurgical Lab Testing

We’ll have an accredited lab test & certify your steel so you & your customers can feel confident that your steel is of the highest quality.